Sunday, November 7, 2010

odds and ends



After having several stressful and demanding positions in the workplace, the last job I had was working for my friend's son-in-law (and his brother) who owned a laundromat with snack bar.  I worked two days a week and met so many interesting people.  My duties entailed just manning the snack bar and keeping  things neat and tidy.  There wasn't any stress at all in this job and I enjoyed working for two very nice guys!  Many times I would find little odds and ends of paper, buttons, stickers, metal objects, etc.  The two collages above include many of those items, along with some added stamping and images of my own.  I think I have a few more items in a little tin that I could incorporate into another collage.  Maybe someday. 

I am happy to be completely retired now - oops!  I forgot!  I do work occasionally for a few hours in a stamp store; but I really don't count that as work!  Too much fun. . .

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

Joy, I love the story AND your collages! very cool : )) lenna

Joanna said...

Cool collages!


Barbara DeLisle said...

These are wonderful.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Ooh I love how you used found things in your collages. You can tell working there was a happy time just by looking at the collages.