Wednesday, December 11, 2013

december green swap

Here's what I got for the December green swap (A Swap for All Seasons) from Becky.  First the card and tag:

I love all of the fun details on these beauties!!  Becky did a lot of stitching on them and the background of the tag is so textured and pretty. 

And, here are the wonderful goodies she sent:

I love everything, Becky!  Thanks so very much.  I am currently working on what I will be sending out to Pam for January.  I need to get it done and ready to go before I leave for Denver on the 19th.

Thanks to Linda for hosting this swap! 


Kelly_Deal said...

Such a lovely swap return!

Pam said...

Love these. I was so sad to miss this swap but we were on vacation and I didn't have supplies with me. I'm signed up for January and must get working on my card and tag.

Linda said...

I love the way Becky stitches her cards and tags. Such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!